In conjunction with our 2-day webinar series this fall, we are hosting a virtual fire ecology film festival. We invite your submissions for the following types of films:

  1. Documentary video on fire ecology and management
  2. Videos of fire events that illustrate a relevant fire ecology-suppression issue
  3. Promotional videos of projects involving fire ecology and management
  4. Institutional videos to educate citizens about fire ecology and management

All films will be posted on a dedicated webpage; participants will be encouraged to discuss the films in the comments section and vote upon their favorite films. Top films will then be invited to participate at the in-person Film Festival that is planned for the Fire Across Boundaries conference in October 2021.

As this event is online, we do not have limitations on film length. Any type of film is eligible for submission, including professional and amateur movies, already published or unpublished.

Submissions due by September 28.

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