Pau Costa Foundation (PCF) was founded in 2011 with the ambition to become an international platform on forest fire management, as well as an instrument to investigate, train, and disseminate on fire ecology and wildland fire management.

The creation of PCF was motivated by the need to establish a common platform, capitalizing the knowledge and experience gathered by specialists in fire ecology and management, and sharing it with others at national and international levels. -Marc Castellnou

Since 2011, PCF has been working with and for the forest fire community to enlarge the knowledge exchange platform in many countries around the world. Our present and future mission is to continue giving a voice to the fire community so that their experience is imprinted in leading national and international projects. The community’s knowledge and experience should be used as a tool to help firefighters in their duty, but also to guide researchers, develop new technology, and contribute to societal education.

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