Call for Short Films

The Call for Proposals will open in January 2022.

On the first day of the conference, we will dedicate a block of time to a Fire Ecology Film Festival. This portion of the conference will be open to the public. We invite your submissions for the following types of short films to be included in the Film Festival:

  1. Documentary video on fire ecology and management
  2. Videos of fire events that illustrate a relevant fire ecology-suppression issue
  3. Promotional videos of projects involving fire ecology and management
  4. Institutional videos to educate citizens about fire ecology and management

Films should be shorter than 15 minutes. Any type of film is eligible for submission, including professional and amateur movies, already published or unpublished. The Film Fest commission will evaluate the overall quality in terms of storytelling, message, and video-audio making and editing. During the film festival, authors will provide a brief introduction and have the opportunity to participate in a panel to discuss the portrayal of fire ecology and management in the media.

Call for Photographs

The Call for Proposals will open in January 2022.

We invite your submissions for photographs depicting an aspect of fire ecology, fire effects, fire management, or fire history/fire regime. Selected photos will be shown during the conference, uploaded on a dedicated section of the website, and used for conference promotional materials (e.g., brochures, email newsletters, cover of program booklet).

Photographs must be the entrant’s original work, should be in color, and should be free from manipulation beyond routine color and tonal adjustments and cropping. Photos can be horizontal or vertical, with a minimum of 2,500 pixels on the longest edge. Resolution (PPI) does not matter.  You may submit up to 3 photos.

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